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Thoughtful Boy

by Richard Scott Dean
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Richard Scott Dean

Richard Scott Dean's relationship with music began when he was two years old and first asked for a violin. He's been lost in the sound ever since, whether through violin, guitar, singing, or just getting swept away by his most recent musical discovery. Pursuing a solo career in music for the past several years he has also been involved in a number of group projects;

South of Ramona (a folk-rock band) as Singer, Songwriter, and Bassist.

Berlin Breaks (a hard-rock band) as Singer and Songwriter.

Vidas (an alt-rock band) as Singer and Songwriter.

The journey has only just begun.

Richard Scott Dean is currently based in NYC.


Setting The Mood

Taken at an intimate acoustic performance in 2013.


Empire Shoot.jpg

For those about to rock

Performing with Berlin Breaks during their headlining show at The State Room, SLC, in 2016.


Seeking a Muse

Taken whilst exploring Long Beach, NY, in 2016.